BW Converting Showcases Time, Energy and Cost Saving Solutions at InfoFlex 2024

Baldwin, PCMC and Hudson-Sharp combine forces to offer complete suite of technologies for print and packaging

Green Bay, WI – May 3, 2024 – BW Converting is inviting professionals to discover its latest print and packaging solutions at InfoFlex 2024 from May 5 to May 8 in Kansas City, Missouri. BW Converting, in Booth 334, will be showcasing solutions from print and packaging technology leaders Baldwin Technology PCMC, and Hudson-Sharp.

"Today's print and packaging professionals are calling for more user-friendly technology, reduced operator intervention, and a lifecycle model that integrates human and software elements to maximize efficiency,” stated Stan Blakney, BW Converting President. “To best answer these demands, BW Converting embraces a collaborative approach to deliver the most comprehensive suite of technologies and services. At InfoFlex, we look forward to showcasing our industry-leading solutions and demonstrating how we fuel this dynamic market."

Improve accuracy and productivity with Baldwin’s suite of technologies

Baldwin Technology will share its portfolio of solutions for print and packaging, spanning inspection, color management, LED curing, corona treatment and film cylinder cleaning.

For advanced inspection capabilities, Baldwin is showcasing the new PQV 4.0 for narrow web and the Defender 100% Inspection System for wide web. These systems are highly automated, excel in content verification and are very compact. With live defect tracking for streamlined quality control. Utilizing intuitive wizard-driven UX, these systems streamline inspection processes and reduce the risk of human error.

Also at InfoFlex, Baldwin will feature the automated FilmCylinderCleaner™, which consistently and efficiently cleans debris from the surface of process cylinders, ending the need for hand-cleaning. By automating this process, film extruders avoid stopping the line for debris buildup on the cylinder surface, eliminating restart waste and web-breaks, and dramatically increasing operator safety. By enabling shorter machine downtime, the FilmCylinderCleaner™ increases output and efficiency, while improving quality of produced materials.

XP-I Quatro


Baldwin's X Series™ LED and Quatro Series™ LED technologies are designed to offer powerful, efficient and sustainable solutions for industrial and printing applications. The technology allows for instant on-off control without warm-up times, ensuring efficient curing processes for various substrates, including plastics and heat-sensitive materials. Furthermore, Baldwin's LED curing solutions prioritize sustainability by eliminating mercury and VOCs from the curing process. Utilizing numerous new market-leading features and patented “dual-optic” technology, the Quatro Series™ delivers double the available power of a standard LED solution at a lower cost than two individual lamps.

For printing on challenging substrates, Baldwin's corona treatment systems are designed to enhance the surface energy of materials such as plastic films, papers, and foils, promoting superior adhesion for printing and coating. These systems are widely used across various industries, from printing to parts manufacturing, thanks to their ability to achieve the necessary dyne levels for inks and coatings on nonporous substrates. Shock protection for electrodes and quick cleaning capability in Baldwin's systems offer flexibility and convenience, making them an ideal solution for diverse applications.

Boost efficiency and cut waste with PCMC

PCMC will highlight its advanced print and packaging solutions, all working to improve productivity and reduce waste.

In the spotlight is PCMC’s Meridian the safest and fastest laser anilox cleaner: Designed to deep clean engravings, the Meridian ensures optimal print performance with no water, no heat, no chemicals, no air supply required. Its patented laser technology removes particles from anilox cells, restoring correct volumes and improving print quality, while saving time, ink, and waste. With the fastest cleaning cycles in the industry and connected features, the system offers maximal efficiency and operator safety.

PCMC's Fusion series is built to meet the needs of competitive printing by incorporating energy- and time-saving features like automatic drum cleaning and impression setting, reducing downtime. These flexographic printing presses minimize energy use through low-power components and efficient designs, ensuring a quick return on investment. Fast changeovers and lower ink consumption further contribute to cost savings and productivity. The latest addition to the series, the Fusion CX, offers the same benefits in a smaller, more compact design with reduced parts, emphasizing accessibility and ease of use.

The Els Max is an advanced in-line printing solution designed for fast changeover, reducing waste and setup time. Its complete job storage and recall system allows press settings to be saved and quickly shared between multiple presses, resulting in up to 50-75% savings on waste and setup time. The PrintSense feature offers automatic zero-speed impression setting, while automatic register control ensures precise printing. With flexible configurations, including 10- or 18-foot tunnel dryers, UV curing, and an overhead platform for reduced footprint, the Els Max is optimized for efficient operations across a variety of printing applications.

Representatives from Hudson-Sharp will also be present to discuss its leading line of bag manufacturing and converting equipment.

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