BW Converting Solutions to highlight high-tech hygiene solutions at Tissue World Miami 2024

Green Bay, Wisconsin (January 11, 2024) – The new BW Converting Solutions Hygiene Division will proclaim that “The Future of Tissue is Here” by unveiling an unparalleled combination of technology, materials and engineering expertise at Tissue World Miami 2024 (Booth E-10, Miami Beach Convention Center, January 31-February 2).

 The exhibition marks the global debut of BW Converting Solutions’ (BWCS) Hygiene Division, uniting leading industry brands PCMC, STAX, W+D and Northern Engraving into a consolidated platform that is designed to accelerate the success of its tissue and hygiene customers.

 “Embracing the future is really about future-proofing your business as sustainability concerns, shifting consumer preference and market challenges loom large,” said Sergio Casella, President, BWCS Hygiene Division. “That’s why we are excited to share our newly unified division’s expanded scope of solutions, products and support systems with Tissue World Miami attendees.”

 Here are highlights of “The Future of Tissue is Here:”

 Revolutionary Rewinding – PARAGON

PARAGON, developed by PCMC, is the revolutionary rewinding system featuring motorized inserts (center drives) and a pivoting winding belt underneath the product. It offers exceptional log control and support from start to finish as well as excellent caliper retention.

Launched in 2022, PARAGON has been put to the test with more than 40 trials conducted at the company’s testing facility with major global customers. It features a patented center-surface design that produces superior caliper, bulk and diameter flexibility. Log winding takes place in a new-concept nest, composed of a winding roll, winding belt, compound-motion rider roll and center drives. PCMC reports that it has already installed the line for one of its most prominent customers, which operates globally.

“PARAGON is aptly named as it is truly the paragon of what the future of tissue looks like right now in 2024,” said Stefano Spinelli, Director, Product Lifecycle Management, PCMC.

 Unique No-Core Technology – INVISIBLE-O
PCMC’s coreless winding INVISIBLE-O converting technology allows rewinding of high- and low-firmness rolls, for both consumer and away-from-home products. Converters can quickly and easily switch between core and No-Core production by filling the hopper with cores or mandrels, and if necessary, changing the transfer glue. The rewinder will have the same accessibility and ease of operation, and require similar operator skills.

“As more consumers make sustainability a priority, converters are considering the benefits this technology provides,” said Spinelli. “No-Core products promote environmental sustainability and save the raw materials and energy cost of producing and transporting cores. No-Core production with INVISIBLE-O technology requires the same energy in the rewinder as traditional cored products.”

 Integrated Bundle and Pack – DIVERSA
Developed by STAX, this new offering introduces unrivaled flexibility and efficiency in secondary packaging. DIVERSA merges a high-speed bundler and a case packer into one powerhouse solution; a simple adjustment transforms the case packer into a bundler and vice versa, delivering almost double the machine capacity with speeds of more than 25 cases per minute.

When it comes to bundling, DIVERSA can achieve the speed of more than 20 bundles per minute in real production, placing it among the most superior bundlers on the market. Design-engineered for compact spaces, DIVERSA does not require extra space and time for complex module-switching.

“The future of tissue is all about adaptability, speed and performance,” said Mladen Starčević, President, STAX and Tissue Packaging. “DIVERSA lives up to that promise.”

 Intelligent Embossing Design Software – EMBOX

Embox by Northern Engraving represents the latest innovation in digital tissue paper roll designing. Developed to offer manufacturers unprecedented control over the design process, the software offers a free, secure and collaborative platform that places advanced embossing capabilities at manufacturers’ fingertips.

 Built on a database developed over Northern Engraving’s more-than 85-year history, Embox enables the design and implementation of thousands of unique patterns and branding opportunities. Once a pattern is selected, the software automatically proposes design solutions based on established parameters, including material, converting line figuration and end use application. With Embox, manufacturers are assured that the end product will achieve the optimal functionality and appearance.

 Embox is accessible via laptop, tablet or mobile device.

 Energy-Saving Interfolding System – VENTUS-TI
W+D’s new VENTUS-TI interfolding system line is BWCS Hygiene Division’s entry into the interfolded tissue product market and represents the expertise of the division’s engineering division departments.

VENTUS-TI allows for the efficient manufacture of myriad interfolding products with energy-saving, vacuum-based folding with a wide range of tissue web unwind options and versatile web treatment processes. Its modular design allows room for future upgrades, enabling manufacturers to scale with the same ultra-efficient technology.

“When we invest the full reach of BWCS Hygiene Division resources, we meet customer needs and deliver substantial ROI,” said Cristian Giuliani, Vice President, Global Hygiene Engineering, BWCS. “The new VENTUS-TI interfolding line is the future in tissue and hygiene.”

VENTUS-TI features a quick cut-off length changeover and is capable of producing multiple product options within a short time. High efficiency and ease of operation and maintenance are achieved due to its compact layout, unique design and user-friendly SmartTouch© HMI.

 AI-Powered Productivity Solution – ACCELERATE

BW Converting Solution’s Accelerate program brings the promise of Industry 4.0 to life. Going beyond basic service support, Accelerate leverages cutting-edge technologies with human expertise to optimize customers’ operations. 

Accelerate combines data analytics, machine learning, and on-demand expert guidance so producers can continuously improve productivity. It helps them maximize uptime, boost equipment efficiency, and uncover problems before costly downtime occurs.

 As Rick Roeske, BWCS’ Global Digital Services and Solutions Director, explained: “Instead of just showing data, Accelerate uses data to help our customers run better.” With pilots underway leveraging AI, Accelerate aims to predict anomalies and recommend solutions even before failure happens.

 By bridging the gap between humans and machines working together, BWCS has created connected work environments that will ramp up production levels to meet tomorrow’s needs with today’s equipment. Accelerate delivers on the promise of Industry 4.0 technology to the bottom line.

 Tissue World attendees will see first-hand how this innovative offering taps into the power of both human and machine intelligence to create production environments that minimize downtime and drive operational excellence.

 “Our customers know that tissue products are not mere commodities but high-tech paper specialties based on complex science while concurrently being challenged to meet sustainability needs and end-use customer demands,” added Casella. “We have created the BWCS Hygiene Division to deliver personalized experiences, transparent communication and real-time information because The Future of Tissue is Here.”