On a Roll: Rolling Tissue Builds State-of-the-Art Tissue Converting Innovation Hub in Miami

Partners PCMC and STAX pave way for success by collaborating on comprehensive state-of-the-art end-to-end solution 

Rolling Tissue recently opened the doors to its state-of-the-art tissue production facility in Miami, Florida. Exemplifying the gold standard in tissue converting, the bold new venture emerged as a visionary startup born from the Silva family’s decades of experience in the pulp and paper industry, with headquarters in Mexico.  

Rolling Tissue’s founders identified a gap in the market for superior, high-quality tissue products backed by sustainable business practices, which led them to embark on this new entrepreneurial journey.  


The new Miami-based venture, while leveraging the extensive industry expertise of two generations, marks a significant shift towards specialized tissue production, targeting the American and Latin American markets with a promise of quality and innovation, integrating cutting-edge technology with an environmentally conscious approach. This shift not only reflects the company's adaptability and foresight, but also its continued dedication to providing superior products in competitive markets. 

Navigating production uncertainties in a new country and market 

Despite the Silva family’s long-standing experience in the paper industry, the new Rolling Tissue venture represented uncharted territory, as they diverged from their traditional focus on pulp and paper. Additionally, the choice of Miami, influenced by its strategic location and market potential, further posed unique challenges due to the competitive and demanding nature of the local market. 

What’s more, the process of determining the precise requirements for their brand new converting and packaging operations was a significant hurdle. This phase, crucial for the company’s operational success, involved intricate planning and a deep understanding of the industry’s technical demands. The challenge lay not only in the physical creation of the facility, but also in ensuring it met the evolving needs of the tissue market, both in terms of innovation and sustainability. 

rolling tissue miami

From left: Rolling Tissue’s Francisco Silva Jr.; STAX’s Nikola Nikitovic; Rolling Tissue’s Carmen Silva and Francisco Silva Sr.; PCMC’s Gino Santi; and Rolling Tissue’s Ricardo Silva 

Tailoring solutions for tissue manufacturing through collaboration 

In addressing their operational challenges, Rolling Tissue formed strategic alliances with PCMC and STAX Technologies, both leaders in progressive and eco-conscious technology and practices in the tissue and paper industry, united under the BW Converting Solutions platform of parent company Barry-Wehmiller.  

This partnership was designed to leverage PCMC's specialization in tissue products and STAX’s proficiency in sophisticated paper packaging technologies. Both aspects were crucial in fostering environmental sustainability and instrumental for Rolling Tissue. This collaboration was pivotal in ensuring that Rolling Tissue's facility was outfitted with the latest eco-efficient technologies, thereby establishing new benchmarks in tissue manufacturing for environmental responsibility and sophisticated production techniques. 

The collaboration's success hinged on developing a comprehensive solution for Rolling Tissue's unique requirements. This entailed a detailed understanding and implementation of the necessary dimensions and specifications for the converting and packaging operations. 

"PCMC and STAX helped us with the problems or issues that we had,” stated Rolling Tissue general manager Francisco Silva Sr. “They explained what the needs were for this [type of] machinery … here in the facility."  

PCMC and STAX created a turnkey solution, encompassing a complete converting line and a full packaging and palletizing system, specifically designed to meet the current market demands and facilitate future expansion.  

Setting new tissue production standards  

Thanks to this collaboration, Rolling Tissue is now poised to make a significant impact in the tissue paper industry.  

"We have learned a lot with them," said Rolling Tissue operating manager Francisco Silva, Jr. "They have been very close to us in order to make this possible."  

“For a startup company, Florida is a very challenging market,” said PCMC Director of Sales for the Americas Gino Santi. “It’s not easy to find state-of-the-art facilities. So we worked together to find the correct solution that would absolutely fit their needs for the today's market and for the expansion in the future.”  

This partnership, chosen with the same care as one would choose family, forecasts a future of streamlined production, reduced delivery times, and heightened sustainable practices. While still in the preparatory stages, Rolling Tissue’s potential for setting new industry benchmarks is already evident, demonstrating the transformative power of strategic partnerships. 

With plans for future expansion and a commitment to ongoing development, Rolling Tissue is strategically positioned to emerge as a leader in the market and redefine the standards in the paper industry.